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Haunted House: Garage Edition


Whether it’s for a party or a long-term redesign, there are so many ways you can decorate your garage. In fact, you can even turn your garage into a haunted house for Halloween! This is one creepy garage project you’ll have a great time creating!

Clean House
Customizing your garage always starts with cleaning it up. Get organized and make more room by organizing your items on the wall or getting them out of sight completely. Set up hooks for wall storage to take things off the ground for additional walking space. To cover it up, use black sheets or tarps. 

Blind Corners
The thrill of haunted houses is not knowing what’s waiting around the corner. Set up a maze for your guests to walk through by nailing plywood together so it stands up. And of course, paint it black!

Hanging Out
To give your garage that spooky feel, hang monsters, ghosts, and witches from the ceiling. Secure them by using eye hooks in the rafters on your ceiling and then running fishline through the hooks. The fishing line is great because you can’t see it in the dark and it’s strong enough to hold onto your ghouls so they don’t fly away!

Eliminate sunlight by painting your windows black with water-based latex. Once the event is over, you can remove the paint with a razor blade. Black construction paper is another option, and it’s easy to remove. Black lights, such as compact fluorescents, can be used to set the tone. Use them to replace your existing ceilings lights to give your garage that eerie glow.

Foggy Night
Fill up your garage with fog! Fog machines are lightweight and easy to use — just at the click of a button! Move it around the garage so the whole place fills up! 

Decorate the Outside
The outside of your home is the first place visitors will see, and you don’t want them to be bored immediately. Get them excited by making the exterior just as entertaining as the inside. Place lights on the ground, then set up cardboard cutouts in front of them to create a shadow effect. It’s like a scene from a horror movie!

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