How to Organize the Garage Cabinets

Orlando garage cabinet organization can be a breeze when you know that installing cabinets can help you create an organized and functional space without cluttering up your garage. High-quality cabinets are designed for heavy duty storage to hold everything from tools to clothing. You can set up garage cabinets to serve as extra closet space or just to keep extra household items organized. Choosing the right type and style of garage cabinets can help you maximize available space. Once you have your cabinets, it is then time to optimize that space by organizing those cabinets the correct way with these tips:

Consider a Storage Bench with Sliding Doors

If you have very limited space in the garage, choose a set of cabinets with sliding doors, like our storage bench with sliding duel bypass doors, so you don’t have to worry about doors hitting any vehicles or items sitting in front of the cabinets. This type of bench with sliding doors can provide ample storage space for those shoes you want to leave outside, such as sports cleats, gardening shoes and work boots.

Make Use of Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves within the storage cabinet make it easier to accommodate different types and sizes of items. You can divide the storage cabinet into separate sections with each shelf and add labels for easy reference. Adjustable shelves make it easier to stock your cabinets with a variety of items while keeping everything organized.

Label the Doors

If you are installing a set of garage cabinets to hold a variety of different items, consider labeling the doors so it’s easy for household members to find what they need. Labeling the doors and shelves can also keep things organized if other member of your household uses the cabinets. Labeling helps to guide them where everything should be placed when done.

Garage organization doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Call your Orlando garage cabinet experts Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890, or browse our website to found out how you can finally get all that you have in your garage under control.

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