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Creating a Private Cinema

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Imagine watching new movies without even leaving your home! Perfect for families with young children or film buffs, creating a private cinema right in your garage is an excellent Orlando garage idea. Here’s a guide to help any avid movie-goer avoid the crowd and get started on a theater conversion right in their home!

Clear the Space
All good projects start with a good deep cleaning. Purge items that you don’t need anymore by donating them or moving them to storage. With wall systems, you can still store your items neatly and out of the way from the movie area. Wash the floors and the walls of the garage to get rid of any dust. A good pressure washing wouldn’t hurt! 

From Garage to Room
Converting your garage into a home theater starts with making it feel like another cozy room. Removing the basic garage elements; mechanisms like the garage door can be replaced with a wall, or left alone should you decide to change it back. You’ll need to fully insulate the walls and ceilings, then put in the drywall. Flooring, like the ArmorSeal epoxy, should be installed, but not before insulation is added to the concrete. The added insulation and walls will soundproof the space. Once all the carpentry is complete, it’s time to paint the walls and decorate to represent your style! Movie posters are especially a good fit.

Air Conditioning
Just like any other room in your house, you’ll need climate control. An independent air conditioning system or garage heater will do the trick if your home’s HVAC system doesn’t accommodate the extra footage.

Good Quality Furniture 
If you’re trying to avoid the uncomfortable nature of movie theater seating, you’ll want to purchase an abundance of comfortable furniture. When shopping, search for “movie theater-style couches” and find one that fits your space. A big-screen TV with good quality sound equipment will give you the experience of being at the movies without moving an inch. Pop some corn, and invite friends and family over for a good time!

At Garage Design Works, we have Orlando garage ideas for every space. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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