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It’s Time to Organize

garage storage 1Aren’t you tired of a messy garage where you can’t find anything you need? Clutter isn’t just inconvenient — it’s also unsafe. Take a look at a few easy ways to get organized in your garage!

Divide and Conquer
Before you can organize, you have to start by getting rid of unnecessary items! Divide these things into several categories: keep, toss, donate, or trash. If you aren’t sure which category an item should be in, ask yourself, “Have I used this in the last year?” If you can’t remember when you used it last, there’s a good chance it should go.

Get Rid of Trash
As you sort through your garage, you’ll stumble across items that clearly belong in the trash but were somehow left behind, like used Amazon boxes and old receipts. Grab a large trash bag and keep it close by as you organize.

One Corner at a Time
Choose a corner of the garage to start with, or choose a type of item or certain wall. Don’t overwhelm yourself by dragging everything out into the driveway at once!

Get In The Zone
There are four basic zones that you can use as a starting point: garden, tools, automotive, and paint/home projects. If you need extra zones, like one for beach gear, laundry, or holiday storage, then add that in. After you’ve sorted through your belongings, consider approaching them by how frequently they’re used.

Overhead Storage
Holiday decorations, extra suitcases, and other rarely used items can be kept out of the way with overhead storage. Our ONRAX system boasts the highest weight rating of any ceiling mounted storage unit on the market, up to 800lbs, so you can also store bulky, heavy items that tend to get in the way.

Slatwall Systems
A slatwall system is an excellent, multipurpose organizational tool. Hang leaf blowers, weed trimmers, ladders, wheelbarrows, and lawn chairs. You can also secure your bicycles parallel or perpendicular to the wall to save valuable floor space! By using small item bins, mesh baskets, ball caddies, and large storage bins, you expand your storage options. These can store everything from small nails and screws to athletic equipment to full-size basketballs.

It’s time to revamp your Orlando garage storage so you can organize your belongings in a clean and simple way. Contact us today to discover how we can help!