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Keep Your Garage Cool

garage fan scaled It’s Florida, and garages tend to be hot and humid for the majority of the year. It can create a pretty uncomfortable working environment! But did you know that with a few easy steps, you can keep your garage cool and dry? Take a look at what you can do.

Open the Garage Door
It’s a simple solution, but a successful one; just opening the garage door can help keep air moving. Leave it open about a foot from the ground.

Dehumidify Your Space
Humidity can trap heat and make it feel hotter than it actually is. By lowering or removing humidity from your garage, this can help keep it cool. Remove your clutter, don’t park a damp car inside, and install a high-quality epoxy floor coating.

Consider the Color
Did you know that the color of your garage makes a difference in its temperature? The color of your roof, garage door, and garage floors can help keep the space cool. Lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays whereas black or gray will absorb the heat. Keep this in mind as you choose the perfect color.

Powerful Portable Fans
Bring a few powerful portable fans into your garage. By improving ventilation, you can draw cool air in and push hot air out. Consider setting up an industrial strength floor fan near your open door and directing it indoors. If you have a large garage, it might be necessary to get multiple fans.

Additional Insulation
Ceiling and wall insulation are great options to cool down your garage. Install the ceiling insulation side with staples, paper side down, or use netting made for that purpose. When it comes to wall insulation, use wallboard or another form of paneling to encapsulate the insulation in order to prevent any pets or toddlers from tearing it away.

Start From Scratch
If you’re building a garage from the ground up, there a few important things to consider. Start by considering the benefits of an epoxy floor and exceptional organization strategies, and then think about where the garage will be situated in relation to the sun.

Whether you’re looking to keep your garage cool or hoping to get organized, we have plenty of Orlando garage ideas to transform your garage into your dream space. Contact us online or at 407-447-8890 to find out how.

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