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So Little Maintenance, So Much Time

drew coffman 125736 unsplash scaled 2The garage can easily become a catch-all for storage items, messy home improvement projects, and vehicle maintenance. All that activity has a way of making a space feel cluttered, dirty, or otherwise unapproachable. This can mean tons of maintenance, cleaning, and work just to keep the garage under control. With the right Orlando garage storage systems and floor coatings in place, you’ll be able to focus on other things. But what can you do with your extra time?

Wash The Car

Before installing your Orlando garage storage systems and upgrading to an epoxy floor coating, you had to worry about cleaning your garage. Now, all your stuff is organized and clean, freeing up time to make sure your car is spotless. Put on your favorite tunes, roll the car out into the sun, and enjoy a day off pampering your ride!

Hit Up the Theme Parks

Orlando is home to some of the best amusement and theme parks in the world. Instead of spending your Saturday scrubbing those annoying oil and fluid stains off the garage floor, slowly bleaching the grime away, head to a theme park! Take the kids for a fun family outing, or enjoy a date day on your favorite roller coasters.

Get Some Errands Done

We know… running errands is the last thing you want to do when you suddenly have more time to enjoy a sunny afternoon, but someone has to do it. Take care of the entire week’s worth of grocery shopping, change the oil in your cars, and pick up the dry cleaning that’s been languishing at the shop for the last two weeks. Once everything’s done, you’ll have more free time during the week to take in a movie, play with the kids, or head out to dinner with friends.

Pick Up a New Hobby

Now that your space is organized, use your free time to pick up a new hobby instead of decluttering the garage. Learn to juggle, pick up woodworking, or teach yourself some basic vehicle maintenance tasks that you can do in your garage. The epoxy floor coatings will make cleanup a breeze, so you’ll never have to worry about spending hours picking up after an accidental fluid spill while you learn!

Want to free up your time? Contact the experts at Garage Design Works and let us help you find the right Orlando garage storage systems for your needs. Whether you’re looking to add storage to your house or simply want a permanent solution to get rid of all those cardboard boxes lining the walls, we’ve got the right cabinets to get the job done.