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How to Manage Garage Storage With Children

kid-1241817_1920(2)When you have children, it’s inevitable that your garage will become a de facto storage area for all sorts of their items, such as clothing, accessories, and toys. This space tends to get cluttered quickly because your garage also houses your car, your household tools, and a wide array of items that have nowhere else to go.

Instead of putting up with a jumbled mess that puts your children and possessions at risk, create a safe kid-friendly storage solution by following these helpful Orlando garage storage ideas.

Create a Kid Zone

The first matter of business is designating a section of your garage as a kid zone. This can be a wall, or an entire side of a garage if you have enough space. Try to put as much space as possible between this storage area and your vehicle to avoid safety hazards and accidental vehicle damage. Once you’ve chosen a spot, it’s time to pick a storage solution that best suits your needs.

Wall Systems

Wall storage units are popular with garage owners because they offer easy and convenient storage for tight spaces. Most rack designs have square grids, but our Gladiator hanging wall systems have “slat wall” style tracks that allow you to have versatile options when storing an array of items. We have our small item bins for things like crayons, legos, or craft items. Our mesh baskets are ideal for easy viewing or items that need to be aired out from the beach or park. If your family is big into sports, our ball caddy will come it handy when trying to wrangle them all in one space. Each ball caddy can hold up to 9 full-size basketballs!


If your garage has enough room, you can opt for our already assembled Gladiator Premier Series Cabinets or our designer Everest White Cabinets to fit within the scope of your garage design. Either option gives you cabinets that can either be affixed to wall or movable in case you wanted to rearrange later on. You can add another level of personalization to your children’s space by giving them their personal locker.

Overhead Storage

When you run out of space on the floor and the walls, why not create more space by using your ceiling? Overhead storage is an efficient way to organize your children’s larger heavier items that are either seasonal items like clothes, sporting equipment, or road trip gear. Our ONRAX Enduro-Deck™ system provides exceptional strength up to 800lbs and has 9 shelf sizes and 2 height adjustment ranges. Custom sizes are available for lofted and angled ceilings.

These are just a few of the creative Orlando garage storage ideas offered by the team at Garage Design Works. Call our team at 407-447-8890 today to schedule an appointment to get expert advice on creating a kid-friendly storage space in your garage.