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How to Organize Your Summer Fun in the Garage

bannere Finally, the children are out of school, and you can take your family vacation. As you start to pack the vehicle for the adventure vacation you have been planning for months, you realize you cannot find the paddles to the kayak, and only one water ski is leaning against the wall when you distinctly remember propping two there last fall. If only your garage were a little more organized, this frustrating hide-and-seek game would end. Fortunately, the staff at Garage Design Works can help you design the Orlando garage storage system of your dreams where all your sports equipment, gardening gear, car supplies, and workbench tools will have a permanent location.

  • Cabinets and Workbench: Garage Design Works proudly offers Gladiator Premier Series Cabinets in a variety of sizes and shapes. From the rolling Modular Gearbox to the ready-to-assemble Storage Bench, you are sure to find the Gladiator cabinet that suits your needs. The beautiful diamond plate design, clean lines, and solid rubber casters enhance the appearance of your garage as they conceal plastic buckets, shovels, umbrellas, and other beach supplies.
  • Hanging Systems: Gladiator offers a full line of Gearwall hanging systems. Gearwall panels hang accompanying hooks and accessories that can handle excess weight and keep it in sight and off the ground. Special hooks designed for golf club bags, bicycles, fishing poles, and other oddly shaped items are easily handled with Gearwall. The panels’ design accommodates almost any sized item, with hooks sliding along the channels to handle long skis or short, squat skimboards.
  • Proximity: For supplies used frequently, such as fishing gear or baseball bats and gloves, place them close to the door or trunk – somewhere you can quickly find and load them before heading off for fun.
  • Look at the Space Above: Moving the summer gear to new locations around the garage will surely displace other items. Seasonal items can be stored overhead on an ONRAX Enduro-DeckTM System that mounts over the garage door in typically unused space. The Enduro-Deck System can handle up to 800 pounds of Christmas trees and decorations, lawn ornaments, and other items not accessed during the summer months.

Give the Orlando garage storage systems experts at Garage Design Works a call at 407-447-8890. Our website has additional information on storage techniques and hardware to keep your garage looking fabulous all year long.

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