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Parking in a Narrow Garage

You’re fortunate to have a garage and, despite it being a little narrow, you’re determined to fill every inch of available space! If you want to park your car as well, you’ll need some smart storage strategies, such as Orlando garage ceiling storage. Take a look below at where to start.

Side Storage

Start by installing a slatwall storage system along the walls. With your car carefully parked in its usual spot, use tape to mark off how much room it occupies and how much space you need to open the doors. Then you’ll know how much room you can devote to storage. Depending on your space, it might be a better choice to choose hanging wall panels with hook and wall accessories as opposed to choosing cabinets. Slatwall storage not only keeps your belongings neat and easy to find, but the variety of available hooks lets you keep everything off of the floor, giving you valuable space to work, entertain, and park your car.

Overhead Storage

Homeowners may overlook overhead storage, but shelves that hang from the ceiling accomplish multiple things: They lift items out of your way and also keep those items from getting dirty and damaged! You’ll be amazed at how much weight a system of hanging platforms can hold: up to 800 lbs. Our ONRAX 14 gauge steel C-channel box frame is partnered with the Enduro-Deck system to boast the highest weight rating of any ceiling-mounted storage unit on the market. Use overhead storage to store everything from seasonal decor to heavy luggage; this system has up to 8’ wide openings for storing long and bulky items.

Parking Tips

Now that everything is out of the way and the floor is relatively clear, it will be easier to pull your car into your garage! All you have to do now is use some tried-and-true tricks to help you gauge how far to pull in. With your car in place, hang a tennis ball from a string attached to the ceiling so the ball touches your windshield. Similarly, place a brick just behind one of your tires. You can also use that tape you put on the floor earlier to help guide your car to just the right spot.

Let Us Help

Getting all of your stuff off the floor is the best way to free up room to park your car. Everything will be safe and sound in overhead storage, so why wait to make your life easier? Contact us at Garage Design Works today to begin designing the perfect combination of Orlando garage ceiling storage and cabinets for your narrow garage.

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