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Turn Your Garage into a Recycling Center

Is your family going green? We’ve got some Orlando garage ideas for you! What if you could transform your garage into a home recycling center? A recycling center in your home makes it easier to properly dispose of that waste you’re creating. Use this guide to make waste collection convenient, smooth, and functional right in your garage.


Identify What is Recyclable
Believe it or not, some items may not be recyclable in your area. Research the rules and regulations of your county by simply contacting your local waste collector or visiting the website. The main types of items that can be recycled are paper, plastic, metal, and glass. 

Time to Organize
Not only do you need to figure out what you can recycle, you need to discover how they’ll be recycled. Items need to be separated by category to be considered for collection. Purchase recycling receptacles or bins. Color code and use labels to easily identify where to place your trash.

Free Floor Space
Don’t let your items take up too much floor space. Free up the ground by installing wall systems, such as hooks and bin holders. You don’t want your stuff to get kicked around, so hanging the bins on the wall allows you to be more efficient and organized. Always keep your floors safe by installing a ArmorSeal Garage Floor System. Epoxy floors feature color and gloss, while also being durable — protecting from chemicals and spills.

Keep Your Garage Pest-Free
With trash can come pests. Avoid having insects visit and odor filling up your garage by thoroughly rinsing out food and beverage containers, and be sure to have an annual pest and termite inspection done. Carpenter ants and termites enjoy dark moist areas. Check where your floor meets your wall to see if there is any sawdust from carpenter ants or chewed wood from termites.

Maximize your space with simple changes that will allow you to keep your garage clutter-free. At Garage Design Works, we offer Orlando garage ideas for every space. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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