Score a Touchdown with Your Garage Super Bowl Party

You‘ve just sent invitations to 20 friends for your Super Bowl party scheduled for Sunday,  Feb. 1. Where are you going to watch the game and eat? Do you really want to squeeze everyone into your small family room like you did last year? Think about that new carpeting you just had installed. Red wine or salsa dip will wreak havoc and possibly stain the carpet.

Why not host it in your Garage Design Works redesigned garage, which has the largest square footage in your home? You’ve got that beautiful ArmorSeal Orlando epoxy garage floor, which makes the garage feel like another room in your home. It can withstand the traffic and stains and can easily be cleaned, so let that salsa dip and chili flow!

You can store your Super Bowl party decorations and supplies in your Gladiator storage cabinets. Your overhead storage bins and wall systems will also keep clutter at bay. As a result, you’ll have room for a TV and seating arrangements for your guests.

Make a central-food station by covering a long table with artificial turf, felt or fabric. Use paint, tape or ribbon to mark the yard lines. Create miniature goal posts with PVC pipes or wooden dowels. For your table backdrop, paste enlarged pictures of roaring fans or team mascots or paint referee-style, black-and-white stripes on a large paper tablecloth, which you can hang behind the table.

For that extra “wow,” use football-themed tent cards to identify foods and beverage wraps for party drinks. Use white icing on cupcakes and cookies and mayonnaise or mustard on small sandwiches to create football-themed laces. String team-colored streamers across the ceiling in your garage to create that party mood.

Remember to have enough food for your Super Bowl party because of the lengthy half-time performances and commercials, which makes this show last longer than a regular televised NFL game.

Creating a Super Bowl party with Orlando epoxy garage floor by Garage Design Works isn’t hard to tackle. Your friends will be impressed with the creativity you have implemented in your newly, transformed garage.

Read our blogs and learn more about themed events in your garage. If you’ve ever held a Super Bowl party in your garage, let us know how you scored a touchdown with your guests.

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