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Slatwall Systems and Retail

Did you know that Slatwall panels are one of the most recognized merchandise display systems? They’re flexible, make your products easily accessible, and can hold an impressive amount of weight. If you work in retail, find out how your store can benefit from installing a Slatwall system:

Utilize Unused Space
Many stores struggle with having enough space to display all their products. With a Slatwall system, you can transform previously unused walls, small areas, and higher locations into usable, customer-friendly spaces. They are especially helpful in perpendicular-shaped areas;  many other types of shelves and panels do not fit into those areas.

Slatwall systems and their corresponding accessories can hold and display everything from wedding dresses to jewelry to scarves to picture frames.

By hanging clothing or other products flat against the wall, customers can see what everything looks like without rummaging through overcrowded racks. Even if customers are only passing by and window shopping, they are still able to see every item you offer.

Stay Organized
When customers have to dig through merchandise, they’re constantly removing clothes off of hangers, unfolding shirts in displays, and leaving products in the wrong area. With Slatwall panels, you keep your storefront neat and tidy. Customers don’t have to comb through your products, meaning your store remains organized and employees don’t have to waste time cleaning up customer-related clutter.

Slatwall panels give your store a clean, stylish feel and offer more effective, aesthetically-pleasing displays. You can consider adding mannequins or even seasonal decorations to the floor because you will have more space for that as well.

Change Your Mind?
The beauty of a Slatwall system is you are not committed to only one layout in your store. With easy-to-move fixtures and accessories, you can quickly remodel your store and emphasize new products, seasonal wear, or sale items. Display areas can be constantly changed based on your unique needs.

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