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Do You Have a Spare Storage Space?

annie spratt 130809 unsplash scaled 1After living in your home for years, it’s only natural that your closets and garage become cluttered with your belongings. While it’s easy to let those spaces sit as is, many homeowners are able to revitalize the area and make the most of their storage space with the right Orlando garage storage systems. Even if you only have a small amount of available storage space, it’s important to maximize your storage capabilities.

Sketch Out a Plan

Regardless of where your storage space is, it’s best to start with a solid plan. Take measurements, and use them to get an idea of the total space you have to work with. Then, draw the space to scale. To make it simple, represent every foot in actual measurement as one inch on the paper.

Figure Out the Type of Storage You Need

Many systems can be used inside the home as well as in the garage. For homeowners looking to create a sleek storage solution indoors, garage cabinets are the best option. The Everest White series is designed to mimic the look of residential cabinets, making them the perfect choice for clearing out the storage closet in your guest room. Each unit can be easily moved, letting you rearrange your storage area as needed.

To take advantage of vertical storage space, a wall system may be your best option. These units mount directly to the wall and can be equipped with hooks, storage bins, and racks. In the garage, these systems are perfect for storing bikes, sports equipment, garden tools, and other equipment you need to access frequently. Inside the house, they can be used for storing backpacks and luggage, umbrellas, rain gear, and other items that may otherwise end up in a pile on the floor.

Keep It Organized

Focus on keeping your space organized! Make use of plastic storage bins inside the cabinets to further separate the items, and label each box so that it’s easy to see what’s inside. For wall systems, take time to designate a place for every type of item and get in the habit of putting items back where you found them time and time again.

Whether you’re looking for help regaining storage space or want to create new storage in your house, the Orlando garage storage experts at Garage Design Works are here to help. Call (407) 447-8890 to schedule a free storage design consultation.