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Stay Pest-Free

Pestfree 1Sometimes, despite our efforts, we end up with pests in our garage. After all, garages are directly connected and frequently opened to the outdoors, and it makes sense that a critter would stumble in. But the key is making sure that your garage isn’t bug-friendly! Find out how you can organize your way to a pest-free space.

Access Areas
Grab a flashlight and search for all the areas that bugs are able to get in your garage. Are the seals around your drains and vents tight and secure? Are your heating and cooling units sealed and properly connected? Are there any small holes in your trim, window panes, or walls?

These fast and agile pests sneak into your garage under doors or sometimes come in via infested items like cardboard boxes. They feed on paper items, glue, clothing, and foods like flour and meat. If you leave any glue or paper items sitting out, consider storing them properly inside garage cabinets. If you have a garage refrigerator, go through it regularly to keep it clean.

Spiders are sneaky; they’re likely to create their webs in corners, and you won’t notice them until they’re concerningly large. Keep an eye your garage’s corners, and frequently use a broom to remove spider webs.

In Florida, it can feel impossible to get away from mosquitos, especially in the garage. But by removing any standing water in or around the garage, you can discourage mosquitos from making your home their home! Flip over any planters, garbage can lids, or other containers that you suspect might house standing water or other bugs.

Cardboard boxes are a favorite hiding spot for roaches, especially roaches. Clear out these old boxes, especially if they’re damp and possibly moldy, to prevent creating a space for bugs to gather.

Food and Trash
If you happen to store any food or trash in your garage, take the time to keep it in properly sealed containers. The best choice would be to store your trash outside instead (but make sure it’s not full of food; that will surely attract critters of all sizes). If you have pet food, litter, or papers that need to be stored in the garage, opt for our Orlando garage cabinets.

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