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Store Your Bike in the Garage

Don’t fill up your garage with clutter. We know it can fill up fast, but we have the answers on how to organize your garage in Orlando. Your garage is an additional in-house space that can be used for so many great purposes, not just parking your car. In fact, you can park your bicycle in there! If you have a family full of bikers, these simple storage solutions will help you keep your gear organized and protected.


Hang Bicycles on the Wall

It sounds crazy, but yes, you can hang your bicycle on the wall! Avoid tripping over your bikes and knocking them over by keeping them off the ground. The best solution is to get some sort of bicycle rack. If you have kids, this is the preferred method because they will be low enough for them to take the bikes down. Wall-mounted hooks can hang the bikes horizontally or vertically. Not only will you be organized, but it’ll teach your children bike maintenance, too! Be sure to include baskets to store your helmets and other bike accessories as well. A big advantage to this style of organization is that you will have easy access at all times.

Hang Bicycles on the Ceiling

This might sound even crazier, but you can hang your bikes from the ceilings, too! Overhead storage can save you even more space, especially if your garage has higher ceilings. The best way to do this is by installing a ceiling-mounted bicycle hanging system. For just a few dollars, you can purchase basic hooks or tool hangers that you’ll simply screw into studs. It’s a bit more difficult to access than on the wall, but you can overcome that challenge with pulley systems.

Leave Bicycles n the Floor

If you have little ones, this is probably the best method for you. A young child won’t be able to take their bikes down from the wall or ceiling. Rather than keeping them sloppily on the floor, there are ways to store them in the right way. Purchase floor-standing vibkes racks or build your own with online tutorials. Most racks can hold bikes of various sizes — and multiple ones! 

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