The Technician’s Treasure: Turning Your Garage Into a Car-Lovers’ Heaven

Among the many uses that people tend to find for their garage space, parking cars is obviously the most common, as it is what the garage was intended for.  But to some, that reliable form of transportation is not only an essential aspect of daily commute, but also their biggest source of entertainment and realization.

Do you enjoy working on cars in your spare time? By getting organized and appropriately planning, you can transform your garage space into your very own episode of Top Gear. After all, any DIY mechanic or car fanatic understands that the garage is a sacred space.  However, it can be easy to let the garage become cluttered with cleaning supplies, tools, and accessories. So what do you need to do to get started? Well, first, remember that Garage Design Works is here to help you envision and plan your space. Then:

  • Wall systems are the perfect way to organize your mechanic’s tools.  Select a holster accessory and arrange your screwdrivers and wrenches by size and use.

  • Spare tires and wheels can take up a lot of space.  Keep them off the floor with a sturdy overhead storage system that can easily contain heavy items.

  • Don’t overlook the little details.  Organize smaller items in jars, and store them away in heavy-duty cabinets along with your oil, fluids, and cleaning supplies.

  • Finish off your car-lovers’ paradise with an ArmorSeal garage floor. Impact, stain, abrasion, UV and chemical resistant, your new floors will look as beautiful as they are durable.

With the right organization products, you can transform your garage into a mechanic’s Mecca.  A custom mechanic’s workspace, complete with all the hooks and wall mounts, is enough to inspire any auto-enthusiast.  If you find that you’re having trouble finding organization inspiration, contact the professionals at Garage Design Works. We’re the experts when it comes to planning and designing Orlando garage storage spaces. We provide a variety of wall systems and cabinets that will efficiently store all your tools and spare parts.

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