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Things to Know Before You Organize Your Garage

IMG951216 (1).jpgYour garage is the perfect location to store many of the larger goods that do not have a permanent location inside your home. However, after a number of years, the amount of items may make it difficult to utilize your garage as a garage. Rather than turning a blind eye as you place yet another item precariously atop the growing pile of goods, contact the Orlando garage shelves experts at Garage Design Works to meet with their organizational professionals. Before Garage Design Works can begin, you will need to clear out the accumulated goods and figure out what should be discarded and what should be kept. Use the following guide to lead you through the steps on the pre-work required before cabinets, wall and ceiling storage units can relieve your storage problems permanently.

  • Depending on the amount of items within your garage, you may need an afternoon, weekend, or series of weekends dedicated to cleaning out the garage.
  • Go through all boxes and bags thoroughly. Garage storage invites rodents and bugs, especially within paper products. Anything paper or cardboard worth keeping should be stored in an airtight container; all else needs to be quickly discarded.
  • Sort all items into “keep”, “discard”, or “sell” piles. For the pile you are tossing away, it may be easier to have a trash bin on hand to immediately bag up the items.
  • Dedicate as many items as “recyclable” as possible. If you decide to give away any of the items in your stockpile, keep in mind that many organizations will pick up your donations. Local or national online selling sites can quickly empty your garage of larger or more expensive items.
  • Chemicals, electronics, and paint may have specific requirements for disposal. Check with your local landfill for details.
  • The items you keep should be grouped loosely into an organizational scheme you can understand, such as “yard tools”, “golf equipment”, “children’s toys”, etc. This will help the Garage Design Experts team in their goal of keeping your garage orderly.
  • Small items stored in clear plastic bins will help identify the contents without opening a series of bins looking for what you need. Labeling the exterior of the bins in large, block letters is also effective if you have existing bins.

Once only the “keep” items remain, call the Orlando garage shelves professionals at Garage Design Works at (407) 447-8890. Our team will work with you in planning a stunning garage with cabinets, wall and ceiling hooks, shelving, and a myriad of storage items to keep your new garage storage system as orderly in five years as it is the day they complete the install. Our past blogs and website explain many of our products; feel free to browse!