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Garage Transformation Boosts Home Value

Your kitchen is immaculate, you have a picture-perfect family room, and sleek bathrooms. But the garage… needs work. Though it’s separate from the interior of your home, your garage is no exception to the value. So many people use their garage for storage, and they are embarrassed and ashamed of what they would consider organized chaos, so they keep their garage door shut at all times and just park in their driveway. You want to be able to maintain your home value until it’s time to sell. If you plan on boosting curb appeal and home value, include your garage is the equation. Don’t scare off potential buyers; boost the value with simple solutions.


A clean and beautiful garage sets a strong statement to neighbors, visitors, and potential buyers. Realtors will tell you a nice garage reflects the owner’s pride in their home.  Why wait until someday? Make someday today!

Transform to Storage
Realtors say the garage is the best place for storage — not the basement or attic. If transformed properly, it can become your most useful storage area. Maximize your space with storage racks, cabinet systems, overhead storage, and slatwalls. Your garage is a valuable space in your home and shouldn’t be a hub for disorganization and disarray. Make it functional — for storage, parking, or a workspace.

Impress with an Investment
Transforming your garage into an additional living or storage space will have a tremendous effect on the value in so many ways. For instance, neighbors and passersby will notice a beautiful appearance from a distance. Neighbors and your HOA can get cranky if your house isn’t up to par with the neighborhood standards. Avoid conflict. Make a great investment by laying down new flooring that will protect your cement floor for years to come. Turn heads and make an impression by customizing the aesthetic and utilizing decor features that will make it shine. Don’t forget the garage door — this is the first thing people see.

Don’t be embarrassed — many homeowners have a cluttered garage they want to hide. Take pride in your home. At Garage Design Works, we offer Orlando garage organization solutions for every space. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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