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Turn Your Garage Into A Greenhouse


Most people utilize their garage as a carport or storage area, but have you ever considered a greenhouse garden right in your own garage? Don’t limit yourself to the traditional; this space can be used for many purposes. Constructing a greenhouse in your garage will save you money, prevent you from starting over in the spring, and is easy to do.  

Let the Light Shine Down
First, you need to figure out which wall faces south; this is the wall that you will reconfigure or remove to let the sun in. Leave the east and north walls intact, as they get less solar gain. Use reflective material on the interior of the garage to bounce sunlight from the south.

Building It
Start by reconfiguring your roof by using a product like clear polycarbonate corrugated roofing panels. They are easy to install, very strong, and let in 90 percent of ambient sunlight. Next, protect your floor with decorative floor tiles and a waterproof system to ensure water will drain neatly. Replace the rolling garage door with a glass wall that lets the sun in. The other walls should include insulated windows that will provide the plants with sunlight. If it’s possible, add skylights. Don’t forget to install vents and fans that will keep the interior at an ideal temperature all year.

What You’ll Need

Heat supply
Use space heaters and solar lamps to keep the garage from freezing. More heat means the more water and light your plants will need. Some plants, such as squash and tomatoes, need heat. Your plant goals will determine your heat needs.

You’ll need to know how warm and cold your garage is.  A cheap thermometer from the garden store will do the trick. Do thorough research on the plants you want and at what temperature they will grow.

Full spectrum lights
Hang “grow lights” and “full-spectrum” bulbs from the ceiling and let them hang just above your plants. The number of lights you need depends on the number of plants you plan to grow. If your garage gets a lot of natural sunlight, you may be able to use fewer bulbs.

Clear plastic sheets
Clear plastic sheets may be needed if you are growing from seedlings. Plastic can lessen the need for heat because it will catch the heat created by the lights. Consider installing a fan to circulate the air and keep an even temperature.

Happy growing!

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