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What We Notice With Your Garage Consultation

When you want to partner with us, the first thing our team does is set up a garage consultation. We want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know our reliable Garage Design Works team. But what does a consultation (either virtual or in-person) look like? What do we take notice of? Here are a few things we look at during a potential client consultation, and why those things matter.

Garage dimensions

We’ll start with the basics. How big is your space? How would you like your garage sectioned off? And, most importantly, how much space does your car take up? These dimensions will give us a framework for storage recommendations, as well as give us a better idea of how to make your dream garage a reality at any size.

State of your flooring

Dusty garage floors are more than unsightly. They can lead to garage spaces feeling dirty, and the cement particles can creep onto your car. If your garage floor could use a facelift, we’ll make a note of that to provide interesting patterns that fit your style.

How you use your walls/wall space availability

This is especially important for clients looking to optimize their current storage strategy. We’re big believers in using wall storage to get your items off the floor and somewhere more accessible. We’ll take note of any existing hanging cabinets or storage systems you have, the state of those units (because hole-filled cabinets serve no one), and we’ll make our recommendations from there.

Whether you’re coming to us for flooring or garage organization consultation, our expert will explore your needs — giving you the best service within your budget. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation, and let us help put your plans into action. Check out more ideas for transforming your garage on our blog.