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Is DIY Garage Storage Worth It?

From tinkering on cars to breaking out the tool kits, the garage can often seem like the ultimate place for do-it-yourselfers. This often means that DIYers create their own storage in the garage, too. Unfortunately, DIY or ready-made cabinetry doesn’t always hold up in the conditions of a garage like they would in a home. Here are a few reasons why your DIY storage might best be saved for another area: 

Repurposed cabinetry brings damage out to the garage. 

Have dinged up kitchen cabinets or broken cabinet doors? It’s tempting for homeowners to move the unsightly cabinetry into the garage instead of fixing the cabinets in the home or getting rid of them. By moving broken interior cabinetry outside, you tell anyone coming into your home (and remind yourself) that your garage isn’t that big of a priority. Unseemly cabinets won’t inspire homeowners to organize or leverage the space as they should. 

Not all DIY storage is safe for chemicals. 

Spills happen, especially in a garage where clutter can accumulate and cause a domino effect of chemical spills. Windshield fluid, oil, batteries — these compounds can wreak havoc on storage and eat holes through DIY cabinets and shelves. Even if you have sturdy wooden cabinetry, the wood can absorb smells and stains from a variety of chemicals. 

Metal cabinetry doesn’t immediately mean “worth-while.” 

Metal cabinets offer some of the best storage options, especially when it comes to storing chemicals or heavy tools in your garage. However, not all metal cabinetry is created equal. If you do want to put together metal cabinets for your space, look closely at the percentage of steel used. This will help reduce the risk of rusting or metal corrosion after chemical exposure. 

DIY solutions are typically worth the time and money, especially if it’s around the house. When it comes to garages, however, there’s a lot more at risk than most people realize. Trusted cabinetry can save you the frustration of short-lived DIY projects. To discover what cabinets would be best for your garage needs, schedule a free consultation

5 Signs That it’s Time for More Garage Storage

When you first moved into your new home, you likely felt relieved and excited to finally have a safe place to park your car overnight. Little did you know that one day, you’d run out of space to even squeeze a bike between all of the clutter you’ve accumulated. Maybe you’re not even able to open your door completely to get out…

How did this happen? Your garage probably didn’t have the right organizational system to fit your storage needs. 

Here are 5 common signs it’s time to upgrade your garage storage:

1. You store items in your garage that shouldn’t be there.

Homeowners know that when the house runs out of sufficient storage space, the garage becomes a dumping ground for unorganized clutter. Food and beverages, clothing, toys—anything that belongs in a pantry or closet finds home in the garage when it should be stored indoors. If you find your garage overridden with items that don’t belong there, it’s a sure sign you’re not using that space efficiently. 

2. Finding the items you need is a hassle.

Have you ever had to dig beneath heaps of seasonal decorations and sports equipment for a screwdriver? When we let our garages get too cluttered, it becomes harder and harder to find what we need. Having better garage storage helps you organize your belongings so that it won’t take you hours to find out where you put those gardening tools. 

3. You can’t see the floor.

The same is true for any space in your home: if you can no longer see the floor, it’s time for an organization upgrade. Garage floors are especially important to keep clear. Not only are stray ropes, tools, and cords a huge tripping hazard; they’re also vulnerable to damage depending on the temperature and humidity of your garage. Depending on the stray tool, clutter can also damage your vehicle. 

4. You have too much empty wall space.

Believe it or not, bare garage walls are a massive waste of storage space. You have extra storage in the kitchen and bathroom, so why not make the most of your garage, too? Installing cabinets, slatwall, and hooks in your garage will not only free up the floor of any unnecessary clutter, but it’ll also make the overall appearance of your garage much more pleasing to the eye. 

5. There are too many safety hazards.

From flammable objects to electrical nightmares, a poorly-organized garage can spell a nightmare for the safety of you and your family. Familiarize yourself with common safety hazards that accrue in the garage so that you know what kind of storage you need to keep everyone out of harm’s way. 

When you’re ready to add more storage to your garage, Garage Design Works is here to help. A leading Orlando garage company, we help people create garage storage environments that meet their unique needs. Schedule your free virtual consultation with us today to get started. 

6 Ways to Add Value to Your Home with Your Garage

Your garage might be the last place you think of when trying to add value to your home. However, it has some of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your home’s value without breaking the bank. 

Smart storage solutions

Storage plays a huge role in how others perceive your home’s value. Clutter distracts from a home’s appearance (and thus its appeal). It also signals to potential buyers that there’s not enough storage in the house and the garage is the “catch all” for the home. Vertical wall units keep your tools within arm’s reach while also giving structure to your organization. For larger bins or equipment, consider hanging units that keep bulky items out of sight. 

Great lighting

For many garages, light is at a premium. If you’re lucky enough to have a window or two in the space, don’t shroud it behind cabinets or blinds. If you don’t have light, add in some durable fixtures that will help light shine into the entire space. Dark corners can make even the most welcoming of garages feel spooky, dirty, or old. 

Showcase the car

Garage spaces are used for a number of different hobbies. Vlogging spaces, pet paradises, play areas, even home gyms — garages can house whatever a homeowner needs. However, when looking to resell a home, realtors recommend showcasing the garage’s main function: storing a car. Make sure that your niche garage project stays within an area of your garage and that you have plenty of space to park a car (if a single car garage) or two. 

Tech-driven door options

A heavy manual door in the digital era probably won’t attract a lot of homebuyers. Look for garage doors that, at the very least, open with a button. If you want to upgrade your garage doors, check out “smart home” solutions like Chamberlain MyQ-Garage or other app-based garage systems. 

An easy-to-clean flooring treatment 

A shiny epoxy garage floor adds more value than most homeowners realize! Epoxy not only looks great; the easy-to-clean nature of the floors will be a huge plus in terms of resale value. For long lasting results, opt for professional epoxy flooring rather than DIY kits. You’ll get more variety in colors and designs, and your floors will last years longer than kits you have to reapply. 

Opportunities to boost the value of your home are worthwhile investments, even if you’re not looking to sell. At Garage Design Works, a leading Orlando garage company, we know the power a well-organized, finished garage has on both curb appeal and making a good impression with buyers. Schedule your virtual consultation with us today and discover how we can transform your space. 

What Makes Garage Design Works Different

For nearly 20 years, Garage Design Works has transformed garage spaces for clients across the Central Florida area. But what exactly makes our company different? Why do our clients keep coming back and referring us to their friends and family? Here are a few values we have that we believe help us stand out from others:

We create smart designs to maximize budgets.

Everyone, regardless of their income or house square footage, deserves a garage space they can enjoy. Nick St George founded Garage Design Works in 2003 in large part so he could give clients a solution within their budgets. For those interested in seeing what we can do, we offer virtual consultations and provide accurate estimates of what we can do within a budget. 

Hands-on projects mean we treat each one like it was our own. 

When Garage Design Works added Dan Cloutier to the company, we gained another expert renovator. Dan’s biggest focus is customer satisfaction, and he and Nick take a hands-on approach to each project. We don’t cut corners on customers because we wouldn’t cut corners cut on our own projects. 

We believe in doing more than expected for our customers.

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to construction. We believe in educating customers of industry trends, keeping them informed on the progress of their renovation, and making ourselves available to answer whatever questions they might have. Going above and beyond what’s expected makes the process positive for everyone involved. 

Safety and quality are our biggest priorities. 

When you call us for a project, you’re investing in a garage that will keep your family happy for years to come. That longevity only happens when two things are prioritized: safety and quality of the equipment/services. Our epoxy flooring, for example, is made to last for over a decade. Likewise, our cabinetry and storage solutions should be durable enough for your family’s changing needs. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to bringing garage designs to life. But we believe that Garage Design Works offers an experience that very few other companies provide in Central Florida and Orlando. Schedule a free virtual consultation with our team, and see what over 50 years of industry experience can do for your garage. 

Comparing Different Types of Garage Flooring

Finishing your garage floors can set your space apart from your neighbors’. While the standard concrete floors are functional, wear and tear on them over time can lead to particulates and an unsightly appearance. There are several options for finishing your garage floor, and they typically come down to coatings versus coverings. Here are the most popular options:

Garage floor coverings: Rubber

Rubber mats and tiles can be a great DIY solution for a garage space, especially if it’s a high-traffic area in your home. They’re flexible and can often come in interlocking patterns. You can also use rubber mats for only a portion of the garage, like a section for your home gym or children’s play area. Rubber mats are also relatively easy to clean. 

Garage floor coverings: Stone

Stone flooring — sandstone, flagstone, etc. — can be a stunning addition to your garage. However, this flooring is often the most expensive option available. If you live in a cold climate, stone flooring can make your garage feel much colder than it would be normally. 

Paint floor coatings

Looking for a simple solution to unsightly concrete garage floors? Concrete floor paint can give an old floor new life. They can come in satin or non-slip finishes, and paint floor coatings are typically resistant to stains. 

Epoxy coatings

If you’re looking for garage flooring that lasts, epoxy coatings are the fit for your garage. They’re durable and give a showroom sheen to your garage space, no matter what you use the space for. Epoxy floors come in a variety of attractive options, and they’re easy to clean. Want to see how cool epoxy coatings can look? Check out our gallery of client work and see how we transformed other spaces. 

Break away from boring concrete garage floors with lasting solutions that are right for your needs. At Garage Design Works, one of Orlando’s leading garage design companies, we equip customers with beautiful epoxy flooring they’ll love for years. Schedule a free virtual consultation with our team. 

How to Organize Your Garage in One Weekend

For many homeowners, the thought of cleaning out and organizing the garage is exhausting. Years of crammed boxes, mislabeled storage containers, and piles of barely-used equipment can make it feel like the garage is a purpose-less place. Cluttered garages might seem like they’d take months to clean out. However, with the right tools and mindset, you can knock out organizing your garage in a single weekend. 

Evaluate what’s worth keeping and what can go. 

Streamlining what you have stored in your garage can make the organizing process significantly easier. Christmas tree and family ornaments? Keep! That broken treadmill that’s been collecting dust for five years? Might be time to toss it. Don’t overthink this part. A good rule of thumb is that if your family hasn’t used an item for a year and it holds no sentimental value, it might be time to toss the item or sell it at a yard sale. 

Prepare with garage storage. 

Having the right storage cabinets, bins, or units in place can streamline organizing your garage. Getting a matching storage set can pull double duty of holding items and making a garage appear more put together. At the very least, ensure that any bins you use are clearly labeled so that everything has a place. 

Clean as you go. 

Keep cleaning solutions, dust rags, and a pan/broom at the ready to clean up your space. It’s far easier to clean as you organize items than to do it after or before the process. Sweep up cobwebs, clean off grime on storage bins, and sanitize your workspace. Take a look at your garage floor, as well. 

Organize in zones and create designated spaces.  

If cleaning the entire garage feels too overwhelming, break down the project into smaller sections. Start by organizing gym equipment, then move to holiday decorations, and then try tackling tools. These subsections will make the overall organizational process feel much more manageable. 

Consider wall space and vertical storage. 

Wall hooks and vertical storage solutions increase the floor space in your garage, making it appear even more organized. Hang frequently used tools within easy reach. Use storage options like our mesh ball caddy to store sports equipment on the wall. Keep bikes safer with wall bike hooks. These wall storage options will help homeowners stay more organized by giving them clear places to hang their things. 

Organizing your garage doesn’t have to be a nightmare. At Garage Design Works, a leading Orlando garage company, we help people create garage storage environments that meet their unique needs. Schedule your virtual consultation with us today to get started. 

5 Things Your Garage Organization Style Tells Your Visitors

A person’s home says a lot about them, but the garage might say the most. Someone can hide a mess in closets, stuff boxes into the attic, or store extra decorations under beds. But no room in the house exposes someone’s personality more than the garage. Here’s what your garage says about you and your lifestyle. 

1. Cabinets clue someone into your organizational skills. 

Having garage cabinets rather than floor-to-ceiling cardboard boxes are a sign of an organized homeowner. Cabinetry implies that you value order, even in a place like your garage. And if you have matching cabinetry? You’re probably someone who loves coordinating a space and takes pride in the details. 

2. Garage wall mounts show off your most-used items.

For many homeowners, wall storage options help keep valued items off the floor. However, wall hooks and bins can also indicate to someone what your priorities are. Do you keep your bike on an easily accessible hook? You probably use that bike quite a bit. If you have a mesh wall bin for sports equipment, your kids likely use those basketballs or footballs a lot and don’t want to spend time looking for them. Wall storage keeps the items you use most at the ready, but also on display for your guests to see. 

3. A finished garage floor tells a visitor that your space is for more than storage. 

A shiny epoxy garage floor is both eye catching and telling of a homeowner. If you have one, you’re probably someone who loves investing in both their cars and their homes. You might use the garage space for entertaining rather than storage. Maybe you opted for an epoxy floor to be better for multi-purpose uses, like a home office or play area. A patterned epoxy floor also hints that you’re someone who doesn’t mind standing out a bit and likes to play with colors. 

4. Paint color speaks to your personality. 

Speaking of colors, opting out of dull beige or dark grey garage walls also says a lot about a person’s personality. Homeowners who like a bit of light will use a white paint tinted with a slight hue to help reflect light back into their garage space. Some homeowners even paint the garage ceiling, showing an attention to detail and a need to open up the space. 

5. Technology and security speak to what you value. 

Looking to keep your valuables safe? You’re probably one of many homeowners who have smart-gate technology on their garage doors. If you like the assurance of knowing your home is safe when you’re not there, you might have a video-based garage security system. These systems alert you via text of movement near your garage. Homeowners wanting to create a “smart home” might opt for products like Chamberlain MyQ-Garage. These apps allow you to open your garage door from a smartphone. 

What do you want your garage to say about you? At Garage Design Works, a leading Orlando garage company, we help people create garage environments that meet their unique needs. From storage to flooring, we give you the foundation to make a garage you’ll love for years to come. Schedule your virtual consultation with us today to get started. 

Different Garage Hooks for Different Needs

Not all garage hooks are created equal. A thinner hook won’t hold your 17 lbs road bike. An improperly angled hook could smoosh your favorite Christmas wreaths to the wall. Your garage is often a multipurpose spot for a lot in your life — from seasonal decor storage to where you work out. 

Hooks for Bike Storage

There are two types of bike hooks to keep your bikes safe and out of the way of cars coming in and out of the garage. Vertical bike hooks secure the bike perpendicular to the wall. They’re great if you have several bikes but don’t want to take up too much wall space. Horizontal bike hooks are more common, especially if you only have one or two bikes at home. And for those who are avid bike riders, try out the Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage hook. 

Hooks for Other Athletic Equipment

Basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, and footballs — how many times have you almost tripped over one of these in your garage? Consider using a mesh basket or a ball caddy to store a variety of balls. Golfers also struggle with storage, especially keeping clubs upright and away from potential damage. A golf caddy can keep golf bags, balls, gloves and shoes ready to go. 

Storing Seasonal Decorations

Garages always wind up being the prime place for people to store Christmas decorations. Why? Because putting your tree in a garage is easier than having to climb up into a dirty attic to get everything out for the holidays. However, it’s easy to stack up bin after bin of seasonal decor, losing floorspace with every large bin. That’s why we recommend storage bin holders for larger items. J & L hooks can also be used to hang wreaths and garland, saving your floral designs from being crushed under larger items in a bin. 

Cabling and Tool Storage 

If your garage doubles as a workspace, keeping tools within easy reach is critical. But with the differences in shapes and sizes of your favorite tools, it’s important to have the proper hooks to keep those tools organized. If you’re someone who likes to have a lot of supplies ready to go, consider a project caddy. For those building out workspaces, small item bins can easily attach to a wall next to a workbench for easy access to screws and nails. 

Garage storage can be one of the most time consuming projects for any homeowner, especially when it comes to properly organizing in a way that works best for your family. From wall storage to functional cabinetry, Garage Design Works helps customers strategize the best solutions for their organizational needs. Schedule a free virtual consultation with us and see how we give homeowners the tools to organize a cluttered garage.  

7 Creative Garage Space Ideas for Your Next Renovation

Your garage space should be more than a place where your car spends its time off the road. For many homeowners, it’s an extension of their living space or an important storage area. 

Over the years, we’ve transformed a lot of garages to meet the needs of our clients. Here are a few ideas on how you can get creative on how you can use your garage space to meet your needs. 

Home gym

The pandemic forced a lot of gym buffs to invest in home gym systems to maintain progress. You can turn your garage (or a portion of your garage) into a home gym by finding appropriate storage for your gym equipment. You should also invest in cushioned flooring that won’t cause damage to your knees and spare your concrete floors from chipping due to dropped weights. 

Office space

The pandemic didn’t just affect gym buffs. A lot of people moved from a traditional office into a work-from-home situation. With pets, children and spouses, it can be hard to focus due to noise around the house. Offices in a garage can offer a quieter solution for your next Zoom call. 

Yoga studio

Who knew your garage could be a great space to unlock “zen”? With the right cabinetry (like the Everest White Cabinet Series), you can store yoga mats and blocks in between sessions. Adding insulation makes your yoga practice more comfortable and can help save energy. 


If you have kids, there never seems like enough room for them to play! Garages can provide enough space, but a lot of parents can be hesitant to send their kids out playing in the same room where power tools are stored. That’s why, with the right cabinets, you can safely store and lock away any dangerous tools. Epoxy floors make garages easier to clean if your kids make a mess, and they prevent your young ones from damaging the concrete and inhaling concrete dust.  

Hair salon

If you’re an aesthetician looking to make their own salon, your garage might be prime space to house your business. Insulating your garage space to keep temperatures comfortable for clients is a must. Epoxy flooring can make sweeping up hair a breeze. And as for all those hair products, hair dryers and curling irons? A combination of wall storage and organized cabinetry can help keep your salon neat and tidy.

Pet Paradise

Animal lovers can transform their garage into a safe and secure area for their pets to roam. The garage gives your pets more space to move freely without the risk of them peeing on your favorite furniture. Installing windows, independent air systems, and insulated garage doors can keep your pets safe and happy. 

Showroom-quality garage

All of these options might sound great, but at the end of the day, you might just want your garage to be just that — your dream garage. Shiny showroom floors, perfect storage for your car tools and detailing kits, and high-tech garage doors are all achievable by partnering with experts who can help. 

At Garage Design Works, we hear a variety of requests from our customers, and we work with them to make their vision a reality. Whether you’re looking for a sleek garage or a usable play space for your kids, Garage Design Works can create a space that meets your needs. Schedule a free virtual consultation with us today. 

Why You Should Trust a Professional with Epoxy Floor Coatings

Everyone loves a good DIY project — especially when it comes to their garage. But your garage epoxy floors might be one thing you want to leave in the hands of professionals. 

While epoxy kits might be easy to find on the shelves at Home Depot, here are a few reasons why you should save the money on DIY flooring kits and invest in professional epoxy garage flooring:

DIY kits only last a few years. 

The durability of DIY kits compared to professional work is the biggest difference between the two. Even the best DIY epoxy kits last only a few years before showing significant cracks or peeling. Shelling out for recoating doesn’t always work either, as you’re typically forced to remove the old coating before applying new coating. 

The pros have more designs than DIY epoxy floor kits. 

DIY epoxy floor kits only have a few design options available — typically only a solid color without flakes or a solid color with flakes. Additionally, the vinyl flakes are normally to distract the eye from any bubbles or holes from a cheaper DIY job. 

Professional epoxy flooring broadens your design options. You can still get the speckled design but on a larger scale, rather than being limited to the flakes found in the DIY kit. Professional designs also mean you’ve got a much larger variety of colors at your disposal. 

Cutting costs now means continually redoing your epoxy floor. 

Sure, going to your home improvement store of choice for a DIY kit and spending a weekend coating your floors will be cheaper than hiring pros. The average two car garage flooring kit costs a few hundred dollars, but as we mentioned earlier, these DIY kits only last a few years. Shelling out a few hundred dollars every few years — not to mention dealing with the hassle of redoing the flooring — often winds up being more expensive in the long run compared to a professional job that lasts up to 20 years. 

Your garage floors should be made to last, resisting the wear and tear of everyday life. Don’t settle for flooring that doesn’t meet your expectations. Schedule a free virtual consultation with us and finally get a garage floor that looks great and lasts for years to come.