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Garage Ideas Perfect For Your Summer Fun

Summertime is here, and we’re ready to kick back and relax a little in the gorgeous weather and Florida sun. Vacations, picnics, lake outings and barbecues make the summer months go by quickly. Why bother wasting that short time tripping over pool noodles or misplacing another one of your favorite coolers? Here are some quality garage organizing ideas for a variety of summer needs:

Keep toys clearly labeled, accessible and at your kid’s eye level.

Yes, we know this can be dangerous, especially if your kids are prone to pulling out a lot of toys at one time. However, easily accessible storage bins can make it easy for your kids to pull out — and put away — their favorite summer water blasters or badminton rackets. Wall systems, like the Gladiator wall system, can include caddies, baskets and bins for all sizes.

This keeps those toys off the floor and out from under your feet.

Hanging bikes makes them easier to reach.

Bikes are such a great way to travel when you’re on vacation or looking for a leisurely ride to grab a bit of ice cream during the summer. There’s nothing more disappointing, though, than grabbing your bike in a tangle of spokes and realizing you’ve damaged it because of improper storage. Hanging your bike vertically (using something like a Gladiator Claw) means that your bike stays safe while being easy to grab whenever you’re ready for a ride.

Get your coolers off the floor.

Coolers are every family’s go-to for a summer road trip. Quality coolers aren’t always the cheapest piece of equipment to buy new, so protecting them over the years helps your investment last. An easy way to do that is by storing them either on an overhead shelf (if you’re only using them once or twice a year) or on a wall hook.

Gym buffs can workout at home with the right storage.

Some people invested in a quality home gym during the pandemic. Why stop using that now that public gyms are reopening? A big reason why public gyms appeal to some goers is the organization of equipment; everything has a place. You can recreate that in your garage gym. Equipment that comes in a set can be stored together in a sturdy garage cabinet or neatly organized in the corner of your garage. We recommend also investing in padded floors for your home gym. (You can check out our other recommendations for a DIY home gym in a previous blog.)

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