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Creating a Kids Space

If you have children but not enough space inside the house to keep them entertained, we recommend converting your garage! With the right ventilation, floors, and organization tools, your garage can keep your child busy all summer long! Use this guide to get started.

Air Conditioning
Keep your children safe and comfortable with the proper temperatures in your garage. If you aren’t already, you should be insulating the area to get the right airflow — just like any other room in the home. Adding insulation to your garage saves a lot of energy, which helps decrease bills dramatically. The three main areas to insulate are the walls, the doors, and the ceiling. Choose the right insulation for you, then install an air conditioner.

Easy-to-Clean Floors
Parents have to do a lot of cleaning to keep up with the little ones. For easy cleanups, we recommend a special floor coating called ArmorSeal Epoxy Floor Systems. These floors not only feature a beautiful gloss finish, but they can be kept safe from spilled foods or messy art projects. No amount of child spills can ever stain or fade these permanently sealed floors. Simply wipe up the mess with a cloth and you’re good to go. This is a dream come true for parents everywhere!

Organize Belongings
We recommend the top-of-the-line Everest White Cabinet Series to maintain a tidy appearance. School supplies, toys, and books can all be kept organized or out-of-sight with the right storage tools. You can still store your other items like holiday decorations and bikes, too! The possibilities are endless, and the system has super strength to hold all of your equipment and supplies. Due to its heavy-duty welded shield, you’re looking at a long life and durability. 

We understand the biggest concern for parents is safety. The garage may seem like a scary place, but by implementing safety protocols, your child can safely enjoy their area. Manage the safety of their kids zone by staying organized and keeping them away from garage doors. Make sure you get rid of any garage funk that might make you child sick and feel like they are still in a garage.  

Once you have made your kids zone safe and cozy, it’s time to decorate! Depending on their age and interests, decorate the room in a way that will excite and inspire them. If they are very young, place their favorite toys there. Add a desk for a workstation to get homework done, as well as a bookcase for avid readers. Game rooms and movie theaters are great ways to have the family join the fun, too!

Are you trying to decide what to do with your garage? At Garage Design Works, we are experts in implementing garage ideas in Orlando. Our team of experienced experts is more than qualified to handle the job. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer! 

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