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Create Your Own Vlogging Space in Your Garage

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Your garage has endless potential for being whatever you want it to be.  In fact, vloggers typically create their content right from their home. But have you ever considered transforming your garage into a filming studio to do the job? Converting the space into a home studio can be done in just a few steps!

Storage equipment is a great way to either display or keep your belongings out of sight. Using your walls for storage is an excellent way to keep items off the floor and maximize space. Slat wall style tracks are made for hanging hooks, baskets, and bins. Hang up your tripod, rolled-up backdrops, or any other recording equipment on the wall systems. For non-vlogging-related items, overhead storage is a great solution. With all of the Gladiator products, you get heavy-duty welded steel for long life and durability. 

You don’t want to be sweating in your videos, so be sure to have proper insulation so proper airflow circulates throughout the space. Not only will it keep you cool, but it’ll save energy and decrease your energy bills. The three main areas that will need insulation are the walls, the doors, and the ceiling. Choose from a variety of insulation options. Once the insulation is placed, it’s time to choose an air conditioner to ensure your garage remains at a good temperature.

Adding additional lighting is an important part of the design process, especially for a studio. The goal is to have as much light distributed across the entire space. To lighten it up, there are a few ways to figure out what’s best for your garage. Natural light is perfect for the job and can be done by adding windows, if you don’t already have them. Adding windows can provide extra air circulation, which removes the effects of any hot air buildup in the garage, such as dust and bacteria. 

No room is complete without the proper flooring. This is going to be an additional space in your home, and you want it to look just right. Many vloggers make their studio look like a living room, and with that comes to nice floors. ArmorSeal Epoxy Floor Systems, for instance, come in a variety of colors and will add a touch of style to your room. This special floor coating features gloss, plus durability for abrasion- and chemical-resistance. Because the floors are permanently sealed, they can never be stained. If you drop or spill anything, don’t worry — the coating is UV resistant, which prevents fading and discoloration. 

As soon as you’re done with the renovations, it’s time to add the final and personal touches. Start adding the furniture and equipment, including video camera, studio lights, backdrops, and so forth. Regarding sound, the garage should be quiet. To get a good, clean sound, be sure to turn off the air conditioner or get a silent running one. Decorate in your style, then it’s time to roll!

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