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Spotlight on Customer Reviews

A garage is an extension of your home and we can transform it into your dream space. Garage Design Works are the experts in garage organization and design and deliver solutions for residential garages that are both innovative, stylish, and functional. But don’t just take it from us; read what our happy clients have to say!

A DIY Guy Hires
When Kevin Barnes wanted to upgrade to epoxy floor systems, he contacted us for a worry-free experience done fast and efficiently, unlike at-home DIY treatments. “I love the work! They did a fantastic job, the owner was really cool and helped with the design process. I would recommend it to anyone,” he said. “I am a DIY guy, but I am happy I went with these guys for the job. 10/10 would epoxy again.”

Fast and Fair
After shopping around for estimates on flooring for their two-car garage, MAC contacted Garage Design Works, where we specialize in epoxy floor coatings. They said: “Nick, the owner, came to my house and gave me a very fair estimate. Randy and Alex arrived on time, on the set day. They finished their job in the time Randy stated, 1 1/2 days. They answered all my questions, were patient with me watching them, and did the most beautiful job on my floor, with a lifetime warranty. The company is first rate, and I am MORE than happy. Thank you Nick, Randy, and Alex.”

Clean Design Process
MGLM & Co needed a major renovation and wanted to seek organizational tools for the garage. They said, “Thankfully I came upon Nick St. George and Garage Design Works. Nick is fantastic! He listened to everything I was saying and came up with a design that met my criteria perfectly. The way the systems are constructed, I can easily reconfigure the space as my needs change. They came in and did their work leaving a completely clean garage read for our use.”  

Communication is Key
Garage Design Works is known for being hands-on and communicative during the customer service and design process. Houzz user kjganovsky can attest when they needed the floors in their six-car garage done. “Nick and his crew were so good about calling and keeping in touch up until the day of service and then checking up after to make sure we were happy with our new beautiful garage floors,” they said. “The garage looks like a ‘show’ room now. Absolutely love this company and the product they sell and customer service they provide!”

If you love the work we do, please leave us a review on Facebook, Houzz, Angie’s List, or other social platforms. At Garage Design Works, we are experts in garage organization in Orlando. Our team is more than qualified to handle the job. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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