Epoxy Excellence

The interior design specialists at Garage Design Works only work with the best products in the industry. We transform your boring concrete slabs into showroom-style floors. Making upgrades to your garage adds functionality and gives a sense of purpose. You can convert the space into anything you want, and epoxy floor systems are the finishing touch.


If you work or conduct a business in your garage, you can make an immediate impression on clients by painting your floors with ArmorSeal. Don’t let them see a grungy, stained ground or else they will likely turn away. Choose from the variety of high-shine colors in all of our collections, or take our quiz to find your match. Wow your guests by installing the top-of-the-line Platinum Series in copper granite or terrazzo. The finished product will match your style and improve your aesthetic, which increases the overall value. Show them that you care for your place, and they’ll feel more comfortable working with you. 

Slip Resistant

With Florida’s storms and heavy rains, moisture can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. Don’t put your business or the safety of your guests at risk. Epoxy materials are naturally slip-resistant and allow for safe walking. Even if your shoes are wet, you’ll have more security than other floor types. 

UV Protection

The lifespan of your garage floor will greatly increase due to epoxy’s durability. Because they are UV protected, they won’t dull or fade in the Florida sun or from toxic chemicals, such as oil, bleach, transmission fluid, and more. With its substantial material containing special hardeners and resins, the coating can withstand the impact of heat, water, and everyday wear-and-tear. Cement floors can easily be damaged, and any deep scratch on the surface can collect water. Avoid the risk of water damage and mold growth by preparing now.

Low Maintenance

With epoxy’s polished finish, you don’t have to worry about tough cleanups, harsh scrubbings, or bacteria building up in the cracks in unsealed concrete. If your garage sees a lot of foot traffic or parked cars, dirt and debris can accumulate fast. However, with the quality and performance of ArmorSeal, you likely won’t need any more than a weekly mopping!

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At Garage Design Works, we have the best garage floors in Orlando. Our team of experienced experts is more than qualified to handle the job. When you purchase upgraded floors from us, you get excellent service. Still have questions about epoxy floors? Contact us today for a free no-contact consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!