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Reasons Why Your Garage Floor Coating Fizzles


Are you disappointed in the quality and performance of the $100 DIY Orlando garage floors coating product that you purchased from one of the big-box businesses? Don’t wonder why the coating fizzled. We receive so many calls from people just like you who need professional epoxy garage floor coating applied because the product they bought deteriorated. Here’s what causes the garage floor coating to be unsuitable.

Unsuitable Floor Preparation
The DIY you buy advises you to clean the floor or acid etch it. Simply cleaning the floor doesn’t do the job. Acid etching is not effective in smoothing cement floors, especially areas that are oiled, painted, sealed, or contaminated with chemicals. Instead, use a diamond-cup grinder to smooth the floor so the epoxy will apply better. You won’t see stains, dings, or cracks in it. Cutting or shot blasting the cement floor could be an option if your floor is heavily contaminated with tire shine, wax, or other strong chemicals.

Substandard Adhesion
What you purchased doesn’t include the necessary adhesion properties that you need to prevent flaking and chipping. The epoxy is merely latex paint and contains too many fillers that simply don’t allow for superior adhesion.

Moisture Problems
Sometimes moisture accumulates under your garage floor, which affects the adhesiveness of the epoxy garage floor coating. This is typically due to faulty construction, improper landscaping grading, or downspouts that are trickling water under the garage floor. Hire a trained professional who will look for moisture issues during a first visit to your home.

Excessive Humidity
If you are applying epoxy to a cement floor on a very humid Florida day, you’re at risk of the coating not adhering properly, becoming cloudy, or not curing the right way. A technician ensures that your epoxy garage floor coating is applied during the right temperature, humidity level, and weather conditions. 

If you have mixed the epoxy floor coating products, you may not be mixing the correct proportion or not mixing the product enough. Consequently, your epoxy floor coating won’t cure correctly once applied. Find an experienced technician with the experience needed to place the application of epoxy garage floor coatings, so that mixing issues won’t occur.

If you want beautiful floors and coating in your garage, save yourself the money and aggravation by having one of our experienced technicians come and do it right the first time. At Garage Design Works, we are experts in Orlando garage floors. Our team is more than qualified to handle the job. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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