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Maintaining Clean Floors


Keeping your garage floors clean isn’t a hard task, especially if they have an epoxy coating! One of the main reasons to get epoxy flooring is because they are virtually maintenance-free. The material contains special resins and hardeners that make it extremely durable. With some basic cleaning tips, you’ll be able to maintain clean floors for a long time!

Dust Mop
The dust mop is perhaps the most important and most needed tool to maintain clean floors, as it’ll handle most of your needs. You can find a 24” to 36”-sized mop on Amazon or at a home improvement store. Dirt and dust don’t stick to the floor, so using the mop once a week is enough to make them shine and last. 

Oils and Spills
If you park your car in the garage, you’ll likely experience spills and fluids leaks. With some spot cleaning, these stains can easily be cleared. Windex works wonders, and a little-known-tip, cat litter does, too! Just pour the litter over the stains to soak it up. When it’s absorbed, sweep the litter and throw it away. Repeat as needed. For set-in stains, sweep the area, cover with powdered detergent, scrub hard with a soft pad using warm water, and then wipe clean with a rag or paper towel! 

Deep Cleaning
If your garage gets a lot of traffic and dirt, it’s recommended you do a heavy-duty cleaning every three months. A good hard foam mop or microfiber mop will work wonders. For a cleaning solution, simply combine half a cup of ammonia to a gallon of hot water in a large bucket. Make sure you’re rinsing the mop every so often to dispose of the debris. Another solution includes one part Windex and three parts water. The chemicals kill residue and won’t leave a film.

What Not to Use
When it comes to garage floor coating, do not use vinegar or citrus-based cleaners. We know vinegar works wonders, but in this case, the acids can degloss the shine of epoxy over time. Additionally, cleaners wit soap can leave marks and a film on the finish of the floors.

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