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Storing Hockey Equipment in Your Garage

Are you a hockey player with nowhere to store your equipment? Consider your garage as an extra space to store your sports items. Garage Design Works, masters in Orlando garage organization, have storage solutions for you. Just a few quick changes will help you keep your sports gear nice, clean, and organized for future use.


Wall Storage
Don’t assume all of your stuff needs to be stored on the ground. Using your wall is a great way to maximize floor space and stay organized, especially if your garage is on the smaller side. Install wall hooks or industrial-strength shelving units that are sturdy and will hold up your equipment. Hang the hooks on the wall or place them on a wall grid, so you can easily display your hockey sticks. They are great for storing your sports gear because they are low maintenance and can hold hundreds of pounds. So get that goalie net up on the wall!

Bins and Baskets
Bins and baskets are an ideal way to store items like pucks and pads. Clear up floor space and clutter by placing them on your newly-installed shelf units. Choose plastic bins of various sizes to group similar items for easy access in the future. Clear bins make it easier to spot what you’re looking for. If you use opaque bins, label each one so you can find it from a distance. 

Racks and Rods
Consider purchasing a garment rod or rack as a shelving unit. You’ll be able to store or hang items like jerseys to prevent them from getting wrinkled. Hanging clothing items in open spaces not only keeps them free from wrinkles but also helps the items dry quicker and eliminate smells. Hockey garments can be difficult to clean and keep odorless, so it’s best to take little steps to be stink-free.

Maximize your space with simple changes that will allow you to keep your garage clutter-free. At Garage Design Works, we offer Orlando garage organization for every space. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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