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Turn Your Garage Into Sports Central

Summer is almost over, so now is the time to get organized and back into gear. You’re back from vacation, your children are going back to school, and you probably want to tidy up from the summertime fun. Make sure you don’t leave your sports equipment lying around or jam-packed in your garage. Your garage can be the ultimate storage space for the sports zone to hang out. This would be a great project for the family to do and bond over. Take these steps from us, the experts in Orlando garage ideas.

Clean It Out
The first step in any garage project is to clean it out. Start by getting everything out. This may be the part that isn’t so fun. Throw away or give away things you don’t use, organize everything else, and follow these steps for an ultimate clearout. Now you’re ready for fun!

Storage Systems
Using your walls for storage is a great way to keep gear off the ground and maximize your space. You should buy storage systems, such as slat walls, that are made to hold pieces of equipment. Slat walls, also known as gladiator hanging wall systems, are style tracks made for hanging hooks, bins, and baskets. Additionally, you can purchase racks for bikes, as well as fishing and surfing equipment. If you need something specific to your sport, Garage Design Works offers a variety of wall systems that will help organize your space. Purchase mini organizers for the little things, such as balls, baseball gloves, and more, that can be stored in one space and organized by sport.

Deck It Out
Now that you’ve organized your sports equipment, remember it doesn’t have to just be for storage. Make your garage a fun haven for you and your family to watch sports, too! Consider adding stuff for game day, like big-screen TVs, comfortable seating, a mini-fridge, and tables. Don’t forget that a sports cave needs decor. Look at it as a museum of sports. With that said, frame your memorabilia — jerseys, baseball cards, pennants — and put them on the wall. If you have photographs from being at games, those can go up on the walls, too. And there you go — you just kicked off the perfect sports heaven!

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