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Slatwall Systems are Multipurpose

You can only keep so many bicycles, tools, and storage bins on your garage floor — eventually, you’re going to run out of valuable space. How can you reclaim it? Slatwall storage systems are the perfect solution. The patented Slatwall style tracks make it easy to hang a wide variety of items and stay organized.

Don’t Waste Space
With Slatwall, you can transform previously wasted walls into valuable square footage and storage space. By storing your belongings out of walkways and parking spaces — not to mention away from the elements and any pests — they are also less likely to suffer damage.

Heavy-Duty Use
Gladiator wall storage systems are both durable and lightweight. They are designed for heavy-duty use and can carry up to 75 pounds, meaning that they can hold everything from heavy sports equipment to fishing pools to brooms.

Our stylish Slatwall enhances the aesthetic of your garage. Their visual effect resembles outdoor home siding with no exposed remaining holes. Its sharp finished look is clean and sleek, and it makes your belongings easy to organize and access.

You can easily put together your system with our high-quality accessories. We offer hooks, caddies, bins, and baskets to make your garage live easier. Some available accessories include:


  • Golf caddy: Designed to hold golf balls, bags, and shoes, our golf caddy storage makes it easy to keep your gear in one spot and out of harm’s way.


  • Storage bin holder: If you have bulky items you’d rather be “out of sight and out of mind,” storage bins are the way to go. As you begin to use them, you learn how to best utilize them and make the most of your organizational efforts.
  • Bicycle hooks: Both vertical and horizontal storage are possible with our accessories. You can easily anchor bike wheels to the wall for easy access, and pair them with storage bins to store extra bike parts and helmets.
  • Fishing pole holders: Gone are the days of carefully balancing your fishing pole by the garage door. With fishing pole holders, your equipment can be neatly organized. Not to mention that our mesh baskets or caddies are excellent places to keep gloves, spare tackle boxes, and waders.



When it comes to Orlando garage wall systems, slatwall storage offers a multipurpose solution to reclaiming your floor space and getting organized. Learn more today by calling us at 407-447-8890 or contacting us online.