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What Exactly is Epoxy?

garagefloorsYou’ve heard a lot about epoxy, and you know that it’s the best choice for your Winter Garden garage floors — but do you know exactly what epoxy is? We can help you understand the science behind this superior coating, how it can transform your floors, and why we recommend it for a variety of industries.

The Science
Epoxy is made up of two main substances: resins and hardeners. When combined, they react chemically to form a rigid, durable material that bonds to the floor’s substrate. It’s nearly impossible to separate two agents bound together by an epoxy coating, making your floor extremely strong and stable. In particular, ArmorSeal Floor System garage floors provide excellent adhesion to concrete, and they don’t require a separate or special primer to perform well.

Where Else Have I Seen Epoxy?
Epoxy adhesives are now used in a wide variety of industries! You’ll see them used in fiberglass repairs, carpentry and woodworking, wood and metal fillers, bolt reinforcers, and even jewelry making. For example, your bartop might be coated in epoxy, and your favorite costume jewelry necklace might be laminated with epoxy. You’ll also notice epoxy floors in car dealerships, warehouses, and hospitals.

How Is it Applied?
Here at Garage Design Works, we have four application processes: industrial, industrial plus, premium, and platinum. The industrial application is comprised of two layers, whereas the other applications are all comprised of three. When choosing a type of application, consider the finish you want and the level of shine as well the color and pattern you like.

Why Epoxy Floors?
By using an epoxy coat over the concrete base, your floor is protected from bacteria, water damage, oils, bleach, and other chemical compounds. When applied over concrete, epoxy offers cleaning benefits that concrete does not. It’s easy to maintain, easy to clean up, and doesn’t require harsh scrubbing. Its smooth, shiny finish lasts for years under severe impact and frequent traffic, and it’s not susceptible to cracking or scratching. It’s also UV resistant, meaning the color will not fade or yellow.

It’s no secret that an epoxy coating can take your Winter Garden garage floors to the next level. Contact us today for a free estimate, and you can start creating the garage of your dreams!