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Your Artistic Escape Right at Home

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Your garage has the potential to be anything you want it to be! Forget the days of simply parking your car and hanging your tools in it. This is an additional space in your house that you can truly make yours. Skip traveling the distance to an outside studio and find the most convenient space. If you are seeking a studio to do your artwork in, look no further than your own garage. Here’s how to start the conversion of your garage into a personal artistic escape!

Stop cluttering your home, and yes, that means your garage, too! The modification process begins with removing all of your belongings and deciding what is going to stay or go. If you decide to keep non-artwork items in your garage, consider overhead storage, for easy yet out-of-sight access to sports equipment or gardening tools.

Install Durable Floors
You can’t work on concrete! You’ll want flooring that can be easily cleaned, in case you spill some paint on it! Featuring excellent color, gloss, and durability, ArmorSeal Epoxy Floor Systems is the best in the business. Abrasion- and chemical resistant, easy to clean, and can never be stained because they are permanently sealed. With a UV-resistant coating system, they won’t ever fade or turn yellow. Depending on your artistic style, you can choose designs from our platinum, premium, or industrial series!

Hang Wall Units
A good art studio needs to be organized! Keep your supplies in sight by placing them on wall systems. Select from various styles, like slatwalls or decking systems. Don’t worry if your materials are on the heavy side; the Enduro-Deck can hold up to 800 pounds. Wall systems should be securely attached to support any of your heavy items. 

Get Creative
Every art garage needs a few things to get started. Start with a clear working space, like a desk or workstation. Then, start gathering your tools, such as paintbrushes or clay. You don’t want to get too hot or too cold while working, so make sure your HVAC system completely reaches your art studio. Decorate in what inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing. Make it yours. And voila — you have an artistic escape right in your home!

Leave all of the installations to the pros! At Garage Design Works, we have Orlando garage ideas for every space. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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