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Drywall Your Garage

We always say your garage can be anything you want it to be. From a laundry room to a salon, the options are endless. But before you get started, you have to finish your garage. This guide will provide you with the information you need to add drywall before the conversion process begins.

Why Drywall
There are many reasons why you should drywall your garage. In warm climates like Florida, drywall and insulation assist in keeping hot air outside. Moisture can form in your walls and turn into mold. By having a climate-controlled garage, you’ll minimize that risk. Plus, nobody wants to walk into a garage and feel like they are melting. Drywall makes the temperature comfortable for you to do laundry, work, and so forth — all year long.

Putting in Outlets
Unlike concrete blocks, Drywall in your garage makes it easier to add electrical outlets. It’s very difficult to run wire through the cinder block. Once you have drywall, you’ll be able to install outlets and hide the wires in the wall, just like inside the home.

Adds Values
People often forget that the garage is an extension of the home. Having a finished garage adds value to your property. A finished garage can add thousands of dollars to the price of your home. When homebuyers are shopping around, the garage plays a huge role in their decision-making. 

Final Touches
After you have installed drywall in your garage, it’s time to add the final finishing touches. Here’s what you need to implement in your garage to make it complete.

Epoxy Floor Coating
Perhaps most importantly, you’ll need to transform your floors. With ArmorSeal, your garage floors will have superior protection. Using an epoxy coat over the concrete base protects from bacteria, water damage, oils, bleach, and other chemical compounds. It’s easy to maintain, easy to clean up, and doesn’t require harsh scrubbing. 

Organizational Tools
Whether you’ll be utilizing your garage as a workshop or sports central, you’ll need to get organized. Storing your belongings in your garage is made easier with garage cabinets that offer a sleek finished look. Not only do they have style, but due to their welded steel, they can uphold even the heaviest of weights. Plus, they keep your items off the ground, which not only keeps your items safe but maximizes space. Additionally, you can keep gear off of the ground with wall systems. Slat-style tracks are made for hanging everything from bins to bikes. Get started now to get the garage you’ve always dreamed of!

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