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Turn Your Garage into an Office

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Finding the right space to focus and get work done can be difficult. At Garage Design Works, we are full of garage ideas in Orlando. We recommend utilizing your garage in ways other than parking your car. In fact, you can design a home office right in it! With just a few steps, you can have an organized and inspirational space to get your work done. When you work with our design experts, your space will be so chic you can invite colleagues and clients over to the space to conduct business.

Identify Your Space Needs
Start the process by asking yourself how much space you’ll actually need. Does your office need to take over the entire garage, or just a particular spot? Ask yourself if you still need to space to store your other belongings, like pet supplies or lawn gear. Are you still going to park your car in there? We’ve got storage solutions for all space conditions. Once you identify your space needs, you’ll have a good idea on where to begin.

Establish Your Budget
Would you prefer a Wall-Street-executive look? Our Everest White Cabinet Series  are made from heavy-duty steel and offer a sleek and shiny finish to accommodate your style. Do you need to install new flooring that is attractive, durable, and safe? Determining your style and needs will help establish your budget. For major structural, plumbing, or electrical changes, you’ll need to hire a licensed home improvement contractor, which will dip into your funds.

Controlling the Climate
You probably won’t be able to get work done if the climate in your garage is unbearable. You’ll need insulation, sheet-rocked walls, a climate-controlled system, and more natural or artificial lighting to complete the design process. 

Declutter and Clean 
Once you’ve completed the necessary renovations to make your garage another room in the house, it’s time to sort through your belongings and add furniture. Donate, sell, or dispose of items you haven’t used in two years in order to create as much open space as necessary. Anything you are interested in keeping and storing in the garage can be done with slat walls, cabinets, or overhead storage. File your important documents in our beautiful and durable garage cabinets series, which includes a desk to get your work done at!

At Garage Design Works, we are experts in garage ideas in Orlando. Our team can take any garage space to the next level. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer! Start by sending over your garage details, including dimensions, and what you are looking to do. We take it from there.