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Take Your Garage to the Next Level

You’ve got a great garage, but you aren’t sure how to turn it into your dream space — it’s poorly lit, the floors are eternally scuffed and dirty, and it’s impossible to park your car. You can take your garage to the next level with the tips below!

Bicycle Storage
Don’t let your bikes take up valuable floor space — store them on your walls with a Slatwall system. Our vertical bike hooks are great for securing a bike perpendicular to the wall, and a Gladiator Claw allows easy access to your bike.

Pick the Right Lighting
Most garages are incredibly dim with only a couple of poorly illuminated ceiling lights. Consider switching over to fluorescent light fixtures; they’re cost-effective, evenly distribute high-intensity light, and start up immediately, so you won’t have to wait for your lights to warm up. Light up the entryway of your garage, install LED tape lights or adhesive, under-the-counter LED strips, or use motion sensor lights.

Retractable Extension Cords
Are you constantly tripping over extension cords, or struggling to make them reach your workspace? Consider an extractable extension cord reel to keep cords easy to reach and out of your way.

Overhead Storage
Overhead storage is especially handy if you have a narrow parking space, but it’s a great storage solution for all garages. They lift bulky items out of your way and prevent them from getting dirty and damaged! Our ONRAX 14 gauge steel C-channel box frame is paired with the Enduro-Deck system to boast the highest weight rating of any ceiling-mounted storage unit on the market: up to 800 lbs.

Game Day Ready
Go a little over the top and install a flat-screen TV in your garage. Long days spent working on the car or organizing your workbench are much more enjoyable with the game or your favorite sitcom on in the background!

Sound System
Whether you opt for surround sound (for your new TV, of course) or even a portable Bluetooth speaker, a sound system will revolutionize the way you spend time in your garage.

Surfboard and Kayak Storage
These bulky items are a challenge to store even in the largest garage. With our Slatwall system, you’ll discover that storage is a breeze.

Epoxy Floors
Epoxy coatings give you customizable, industrial-strength floors. They’re water-resistant, easy to clean, durable, and require very little maintenance! Our ArmorSeal garage floors feature excellent color and gloss and utilize a heavy-duty coating that is four times stronger than regular epoxy.

Smart Garage Door Opener
Did you know that smart garage door openers are linked to an app? If you’re at work and realize you left the garage door open, it’s simple to fix. You can open and close your garage door from literally everywhere in the world.

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