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Turn Your Garage into a Personal Home Brewery

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Are you a beer connoisseur? Have you been thinking about home brewing? Your garage is the perfect space to become a home brewery! Use this guide from Garage Design Works to convert your garage into this awesome Orlando garage idea!

Clean It Out
The first step in any conversion process is to clear out the space and start fresh. Rummage through your belongings to determine what will stay and what will go. If you’re only planning on transforming half of the space into a brewery, consider installing overhead storage in part of the garage to store your other non-brewery items. 

Install Wall Storage
Use shelving to organize your home brewing kit supplies and keep them in reach. ONRAX’s Enduro-Deck decking system has exceptional strength to hold those kegs and growlers. Holding up to 800 pounds, the ONRAX units have the highest weight rating of any ceiling-mounted storage unit. Be sure to sanitize the area to not affect your finished product. Slatwalls are very adjustable if you want to move things often and easily. Be sure that the wall systems are attached well so they are sturdy enough to support heavier items.

Place Epoxy Flooring
With beer being made, your flooring will be at risk of spills and leaks. The best in the industry, ArmorSeal Epoxy Floor Systems feature excellent color, gloss, and durability with abrasion- and chemical resistance. Easy to clean, the floors are permanently sealed and will never be stained. The coating system is UV resistant, so they won’t fade or discolor. Choose from the platinum series, premium series, or industrial plus to make the brew cleanup simple and easy!

Time to Brew
Every brewing station needs a good flow. Arrange your equipment in a way that allows for a smooth step-by-step process. Now it’s time to fully ferment and sample your spirits! Lay back and lounge drinking a homemade, fresh brew from your new brewery after a long day at work. 

The ideas are endless. At Garage Design Works, we have Orlando garage ideas for every space. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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