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Add Functionality and Value to Your Garage

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If you’re feeling like your garage is only being used to park cars, then it’s time for a revamp. Add some functionality to it so you can enjoy spending time in there and increase the value of your home. The experts at Garage Design Works offer their insights to get that garage a functioning and valuable part of your home.

Add a Door

Add a door to your garage so you can easily access your yard without having to open your garage door. This provides you more privacy when working in your garage, lets fresh air come inside, and makes it easier when doing yard work like gardening and trimming.

Apply Floor Coatings
Give your garage the feel of another room in your home by having a durable garage epoxy floor coating applied professionally. With this high-quality product, you won’t have a dirty cement floor that could eventually crack from the weight of your car parked on it. Cleaning the floor is simple — just sweep and wipe up spills. Give your garage that showroom look that will wow your guests for many years.

Lighting and Electricity
Make sure you have enough outlets and lightings to easily work in your garage and use power tools safely. While considering lighting options, opt for energy-saving fluorescent tubes. Avoid stringing numerous power extension cords along your floor as it is a tripping and fire hazard. Install additional electrical outlets on a wall near your work area that can alleviate the need for extension cords. 

Add Storage Capabilities 
To reduce clutter inside your home, include organizational systems around the interior of your garage. Consider cabinets on casters so you can easily move them when you need to. Hang sporting equipment on the walls with hanging wall panels. Additionally, storage cabinets also help add floor space, making your space look less cluttered, and offer easy access to the things you need.

Convert It
Converting your garage into a hobby area or business venue is one of the best ways to add functionality and value to it. If you are an artist, your artistic escape can be right at home. If you’re a stylist wanting to open a salon, look no further than the garage. Dedicate space in your garage for a workshop for hobbies and home-improvement projects. Gladiator hanging wall slat systems hold small, medium, and large tools and supplies for creating, planning, and building. No matter what your dreams are, we can make them a reality. Check out our blog for more conversion ideas!
If you need help transforming your ordinary garage into a functional space that will add value to your home, call the garage organization in Orlando experts at Garage Design Works. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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