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People Who Love Our Garage Floor Coatings


Garage Design Works has the top Orlando garage floor coating in the industry. ArmorSeal is an epoxy coating system that features beautiful color and finishing gloss. In addition to good looks, these floors are impact-, chemical-, and abrasion-resistant. The floors are permanently sealed, so they will never stain and are easy to clean. There are so many types of people who use and love the ArmorSeal coatings that Garage Design Works applied. From handymen to entertainers, find out if ArmorSeal coating is right for you! 

Car Enthusiasts
Car enthusiasts love to show off their new cars to neighbors on their showroom floors. Additionally, there are many car repairs you can do right there in the garage. Because of its permanently sealed and long-lasting glossy finish, oil spills can be easily cleaned by simply wiping them off with a sponge. Plus, you won’t have to worry about hot tire liftoff, either, because of ArmorSeal garage epoxy floor coating’s resistance to abrasions. Your garage can be car-lovers heaven

Party Planners
Party planners are the type of people who celebrate anything — and they can do it right in their garage! Because they installed ArmorSeal, their garage looks and feels just like another room in their home. You no longer have to worry about hosting a large party because of the size of the garage. From Halloween haunted houses to Christmas parties, some of our customers have hosted celebrations for occasions throughout the year — right in their garages. 

Real Estate Agents
Professionals in the real estate industry love listing homes that have our decorative ArmorSeal epoxy floor coatings. They know these floors will make their homes stand out from the competition — making the staging a breeze for an easy sale! Rather than taking the house hunters through the front door, the agents let the shoppers in through the garage so they can notice the pristine floor. The realtors sell the garage as an additional living space, a great place to have parties, a workshop for projects, or a playroom for children.

The handyman loves to work on home improvement projects on his workbench. He no longer feels like he is just in his garage, but his very own workshop. In workshops, there is likely to spill from painting or debris from carving wood. These messes can easily be swept up and wiped clean. Now, working on projects is stress-free and therapeutic — making him feel more productive!

Crafters need a space to do their arts. From photography to painting, the artist can do it all with a home studio. Spilled paint can be easily wiped up. Dropping a camera or other equipment won’t cause cracking due to the floor’s permanent sealing with a state-of-the-art urethane topcoat. In fact, so many artists have bad paint stains as well as cracks on their cement floor from crafting that they called us, the experts, for top-of-the-line flooring.

At Garage Design Works, we have the best Orlando garage floor coating for every space. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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